Crazy Things To Do In Budapest

Budapest, the grand Central European city on the banks of the River Danube.

A marvel of elegant Austro-Hungarian architecture, it’s a city bursting with delectable cuisine and brimming with tremendous hill top views. But there’s only so much elegance a traveller can take.

CrazyThings to do in Budapest

That’s why Travel Tramp brings you the first in its new series of articles, uncovering the most ridiculous, outrageous and extreme things to do in cities around the world. *CLICK HERE FOR MORE CRAZY SH*T TO DO AROUND THE WORLD*

This is for you: the traveller bored of endless lists of the top ten most visited attractions, and sick of endless suggestions of where a travelling soul can go to die.

And what better place to start than Budapest, the home of Escape Games, the graveyard of monumental statues and a city of subterranean shooting clubs.

Here is the impressively UN-DEFINITIVE list of  ‘crazy sh*t to do in Budapest’.

Budapest Shooting Club

Shoot some guns…Lots of guns…

In the suburbs of Budapest you can find an underground club devoted in its entirety to the discharge of firearms. In an old industrial park there’s an old basement, and in that old basement, you can shoot whatever the hell kind of old weapons the ex-army Hungarians have to shoot. If you love a bit of history you can mercilessly spray Soviet era bullets over the walls, or if you prefer a bit of Call of Duty you can fire a Glock or two down the range. Shotguns, Ak-47s, revolvers…the gun club armoury is endless.

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Budapest Gun Club

Find Stalin’s Boots…

Once you’ve fired off enough rounds to keep the Red Army at bay then why not go in search of Stalin’s boots.

Crazy Things To Do In Budapest

When communism died its welcome death, the Hungarian people of Budapest decided that the monumental statues should be ejected from the streets. But rather than simply destroying them, they moved them to Memento Park. And that included Stalin’s boots.

Memento Park Statue 4

It’s a lasting legacy to the past. To Stalin, Lenin, socialism and more than anything, ever conceived, it’s a legacy to giant statues.

Crazy Things To Do In Budapest

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Lock yourself in a small room and try to escape…

Are guns and giant communist statues not enough for you? Then get yourself locked into an Escape Room. These role playing games literally do what they say. They lock you in a room- usually a dark, seedy, underground room- and you have to escape within an hour. That means solving clues, puzzles…whatever it takes to get out! Escape Rooms are popping up all over the world now, but their humble origins are Budapest. What better place to get locked in?

Reykjavik Escape Room

Smash sh*t up…

Don’t just smash up shit on the streets of Budapest, but if solving clues aren’t your sort of thing, then head over to ‘The Rage Room‘! If you’re sick of the world then this is the place where you can smash shit up! Go crazy and tear up computers, laptops, bottles…whatever it takes to vent your rage.

Get wasted in a ruin…

Ruin pubs are abandoned buildings which were turned into drinking establishments. For the most part, they’ve still got the feel of an abandoned building. Except of course for the copious quantities of booze being consumed on the premises. Each place has its own distinct style and feel.

Have a Bath…

Okay, I’ll be honest. Budapest is built on thermal springs and a visit to one of the many baths in the city is usually top of any travel list. A visit to the baths is FUCKING awesome though, and that’s the sole reason I have included it here. So do it. Szechenyi is the best. They even hold after hours pool parties. Bring swimmers and chill out with a beer.

Crazy Things To Do In Budapest

Go Underground…

Go caving. Right underneath Budapest. The same thermal water that allows for some incredible bathing has also constructed a cave complex over 120 km long beneath the city. A cave complex you can visit and even go caving in. Everyone sees Budapest above ground. Not many people see it below ground…

Drive a Trabant…

What’s a Trabant I hear you ask? Well, it’s a crappy old communist era, mass produced car, with inadequate leg room and a terrible ability to do the job it was designed to do. To be a car. That said, they are fairly legendary in Eastern Europe, and in Budapest you can even go on a Trabant  driving tour of the city! Because why not experience all that socialism had to offer the world?

Mental things To Do in Budapest

Drive a Tank…

And if that ain’t thrills enough then you can always drive a goddam tank instead. Happy now?!

Richard Collett

I’ll admit it. I’ve probably missed a lot. That’s why I need your help too. If you think there’s something that should be added to the list, then please comment below!