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Hello there, I’m Richard, the Travel Tramp. Award-winning blogger and professional travel writer.

I write blogs with a dash of journalism, as I travel to the world’s most curious destinations in search of intriguing people and untold narratives.   

I love using long form features and interesting characters to answer the deeper questions about politics, history and identity that we’re confronted with when we travel. Why is Cyprus divided? Why does are there so many breakaway territories in the Caucasus? And why is Muslim-Chinese food so popular in Kyrgyzstan?   

You’ll find stories of guerilla fighters, micronations and refugees from El Salvador and Honduras to East Timor and the Philippines. There’s history, geopolitics, overland travel, border crossings and plenty of food. All the things that make travel so fascinating.

Richard Collett, October 2021.

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Richard is an award-winning travel journalist. Richard’s travel stories, guides and photography have been published by BBC Travel, Atlas Obscura, Lonely Planet, Culture Trip, The Independent, and many more publications. Richard is always open to new commissions. Please email, to find out more about working together.

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Award Winning Travel Writing

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Long form narratives, character driven stories, photographic journeys and deep dives into the world’s curious destinations. 

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Breakaway territories, micronations, remote islands, abandoned places, dark tourism, emerging destinations and second cities. Learn how to travel off the beaten track with Travel Tramp.


Geography, politics and history shape the borders around us. Why do borders exist where they do? What makes a country a country? How many nations are in the UK? Learn how geopolitics and history define how and where we can travel.