Monte Carlo, the capital of Europe’s second smallest micronation, is a playground for casino-lovers. But there’s more to this tiny capital than meets the eye. From picturesque landscapes to mountains views and oceans vistas, here are Monte Carlo’s unique experiences!

The sovereign Principality of Monaco offers an array of exciting experiences to its enthusiastic visitors. Most of all Monte Carlo, one of its four main areas, is Europe’s hub for everything luxury and everything gambling. Every year millions of people visit the microstate, prioritizing the lavish, unique opportunities that Monte Carlo provides. And even if you’re not rich, you can still revel in the glamour!

From exciting museums to white sandy beaches, the city truly has something for everyone. Situated on the French Riviera, this alluring destination is all things elegant and charismatic. If there was ever a place that exuded pure charm, this is surely it. Here are the most unique experiences to be had in Europe’s second-smallest nation-state.

Monte Carlo

Revel in the incredible findings of marine life at the Oceanographic Museum

Maybe you’re bored of people always suggesting museums to you when you travel, but is it every day you get to experience an Oceanographic one in Monte Carlo? This neoclassical style building houses an oasis of marine life for visitors to enjoy. First opened to the public in March of 1910,  the museum was founded by Monaco royalty and has been catering to residents and tourists alike ever since.

The Oceanographic Museum contains a number of enticing aquariums where hundreds of fish and marine vegetation co-habit peacefully. Visitors can check out mesmerizing octopuses and a variety of jellyfish which swim around before their very eyes. Aside from live species, the museum also boasts dozens of artefacts that have been especially curated over the years. Old photographs, books, and fossils line the walls so that people can get a firsthand look at the history of the deep blue sea. Even if you’re normally not one for museums, this one is must-see.

Play some table games at the historic Monte Carlo Casino

After you’ve finished your sea life exploration, head on over to Monte Carlo’s most famous landmark: the historic Monte Carlo Casino. Founded over 150 years ago, the gaming facility boasts a gorgeously decorated interior adorned with sparkling chandeliers and hand-crafted furniture. There are spectacular gardens which welcome visitors from the casino’s exterior and an entire plaza where people gather to gaze upon its architectural beauty.

Inside there is a large variety of games to be enjoyed from France’s Trente et Quarante to roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and more. In fact, casino games such as blackjack have a strong historical presence in the area as the rules of modern blackjack came together in the French activity, Vingt-un, shortly before casinos like these were opened to the public. Fast forward to the present day and visitors can play under the same roof as notable guests from around the world. As fat as casino locations are concerned, this is as glitzy and glamorous as it gets!

Monte Carlo casino

The façade of the Monte Carlo Casino which dates all the way back to 1863

See luxury boats and yachts at Port Hercules

Port Hercules is Monte Carlo’s historic ocean parking lot for the most luxurious yacht owners in Monaco. Since 1962, the port has been a unique resting place for million-dollar ships and intricate vessels of the sea. These boats rest in sparkling water which overlooks the expanse of the Maritime Alps that can be seen in the distance.

With incredible, must-see views like these, this microstate should be on your list because of this port alone! Take a stroll alongside it, admiring the impressive scenery that abounds. After all, in an expensive country like this one, the best way to stay friendly to your budget is to walk around and enjoy the sights – that’s always free!


Bask in the sun at Larvotto Beach

Since you are on the coast after all, why not enjoy a relaxing day at Monte Carlo’s most popular sandy space, Larvotto Beach?

Since it’s a public area, it’s 100% free to enter and visitors can stay as long as they like. Surrounded by glamorous resorts and fancy restaurants, it’s definitely the best free beach experience available on this side of the Mediterranean.