The Isle of Man: Why Everyone Should Visit at Least Once

It’s hard to believe visitor numbers to the Isle of Man are in decline. Only 267,000 tourists made the journey to this beautiful UK island back in 2017, which pales in comparison to the 500,000 people who visited the Isle of Man way back in the forties.

Yet, it is a English destination filled with so many beautiful sights, attractions, and activities. Find out why everyone should visit the Isle of Man at least once.

Port Erin Harbour, Isle of Man

Breathtaking Beaches

While many tourist often head straight to The Channel Islands or the Isle of Wight, they’d be wiser to head directly to the Isle of Man. After all, what the island lacks in size, it makes up for in beautiful beaches.

It might just be 33 miles long, but it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and rocky coves in the UK. It’s therefore the ultimate UK holiday destination for summer, as there’s plenty of fun to be had building sandcastles, skimming stones, and exploring nearby caves.

Magnificent Wildlife

Animal lovers will definitely want to book tickets for Curraghs Wildlife Park, as it provides visitors with an opportunity to meet meerkats, penguins, and adorable red pandas. You can also spot visiting dolphins, whales, and basking sharks, as well as migrant birds and seals at The Sound, which is located in the south of the small island.

Niarbyl Bay, Isle of Man

Unforgettable Water Sports

Thanks to a coastline of 100 miles, the Isle of Man is the ideal destination for lovers of water sports. You’ll feel like an explorer as you navigate your way around the beautiful island by water, as the Isle of Man allows you to absorb the breath-taking beauty of its coastline by yacht, kayak, or paddle board. T

he island also takes underwater safety incredibly seriously, as a dedicated team of scuba diving volunteers regularly carry out underwater searches.

Cregneash, Isle of Man

Hiking Trails

Hikers should certainly head on over to the summit of Snaefell, which is the island’s tallest mountain at 2,000 feet. For obvious reasons, it’s one of the best places to view the island’s rural landscape and rugged coastline.

If you’re travelling with non-hikers, or if you’re feeling a little on the lazy side, you can take a train to the top of the summit. You can also take a relaxing walks in Groudle Glen or Point of Ayre Beach.

Exceptional Food

After all those water sports and hiking trails, you’ll definitely be craving a hearty meal to top up your energy. You’ll be happy to learn the island is not short on fantastic places to eat and drink, as it’s home to exceptional dairies, bakeries, breweries, and, of course, fresh seafood.

Whether you’re hungry for Italian or craving delicious sourdough created from local flour, there will be a tasty dish waiting for you in the Isle of Man.

Niarbyl Bay, Isle of Man

Quaint English Cottages

The Isle of Man truly offers the best of Britain. Not only does it feature a rugged landscape synonymous with the nation, but it also offers quaint English cottages that will make you feel millions of miles away from your home.

The best self-catering cottages are also located on the hillside of the island, and most offer stunning scenery that will remain with you longer after your trip is over.

Richard Collett