Island Hopping Coron

Hello travellers!

It’s that time of the week already, the weekly Travel Tramp update, and it’s been a busy seven days since the last update to say the least.

After spending two weeks working in Kuala Lumpur I had a quick four day getaway in beautiful Brunei – I’ll be publishing more about the rain forest and the city in this tiny Bornean nation soon, don’t worry – and earlier in the week I landed in the Philippines, flying into the tropical paradise of Coron via a nasty and not so paradise like 6 hour early morning stop over in Manila.

I met up with Life of Jord and Johnny Ward and the crew of the Give Back Give Away who were finishing off their epic trip across the Philippines, after completing some charity work and travelling across Palawan to Coron. I jumped on a boat trip with them and we headed out to island hop around Coron with a cool box full of cold beers and some stunning tropical scenery to explore.

Here are the best Photos From The Road – Island Hopping Coron!

Coron Palawan Kayangan Lake Coron Kayangan Lake Coron

Coron Town

Okay, so Coron Town isn’t much to shout about. It’s the main settlement and the gateway to the crazy beautiful islands people actually visit Coron to see. It’s the best place for accommodation and food – but being the Philippines, that inevitably means I’ve now had Corned Beef and rice for breakfast 4 days in a row…

There’s a few bars in the town, but not many – I know them too well now – and a whole load of boats ready to take out travellers on the water to explore the incredible scenery. At the local market by the harbour we loaded up on water, snacks and cold beers before we set out from Coron Town towards our first destination on the island hopping excursion, Kayangan Lake. 

Coron Palawan Coron Palawan Coron Palawan

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is one of the most instantly recognisable places in the entire Philippines. Even if no one actually knows the name or how to pronounce it, the chances are high that you have seen a picture of the magnificent limestone karsts and stunningly colourful water.

Our boat rocked up to the rickety landing platform and I flew the drone above the scenery, seeing the towering karsts from high up and capturing the colourful contrasts formed by the rich coral and clear, calm seas.

A short walk to the top of the rocks and a short descent down brings you to the refreshing swimming area, the lake of Kayangan itself.

Kayangan Lake Kayangan Lake Kayangan Lake

Twin Lagoons

Our next island hopping stop was the Twin Lagoons, another spectacular area of towering cliffs and colourful water. These lagoons are both side by side, but separated by limestone rocks. There are two ways to travel between them, either clambering over a ladder or swimming underneath the rock, through a narrow, claustrophobic tunnel beneath the cliffs. The Twin Lagoons really are epic.

Twin Lagoons Twin Lagoons Twin Lagoons

Take Me To The Beach!

After snorkelling through the crystal clear waters of the Twin Lagoons it was time to hit up the beach. The Coron archipelago is literally full of pristine, white sand beaches. Most of them are traditional lands, owned by the local indigenous people, the Tagbanua and they allow tourists to set up on a few of them- provided an entrance fee is paid of course – and relax on the sands and under make shift bamboo huts offering shelter from the fierce heat.

We cracked open the beers that had been safely stowed away in the boat’s cool box and the drone inevitably came out again for those aerial shots of this local little island getaway.

Coron truly is a spectacularly beautiful place to explore, and for the next week I will be here using it as my base as it’s almost time for the Travel Continuously Summit to begin!

Coron Palawan Coron Palawan Coron Palawan

The Travel Continuously Summit 2018

I’ve been talking about this trip for weeks, months even now. I’m helping to organise and run the first ever Travel Continuously Summit here in Coron, and it’s starting next week!

We will be teaching a talented group of up and coming bloggers, content creators and digital nomads how to be successful, all while exploring the rest of beautiful, beautiful Coron.

It’s going to be awesome.

And in the meantime, here’s a few more cheeky drone pics of Coron to get you excited.

Coron Palawan

All Words and Photos by Richard Collett

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