For a completely new European experience, you can take a short trip away from the mainland of the continent into beautiful Scandinavia. 

Unbeknownst to the majority of travellers, this underexposed country has urban experiences that can actually rival some of Europe’s top tier cities. 

Eat your heart out, Paris and London.

Scandinavia actually has many advantages over destinations like London and Paris because of its wild, outdoor side. You can only see so much of the Eiffel Tower, but the outdoor adventures that you can have in Scandinavia are virtually endless. 

Not only that, but there are some other hidden gems that you can discover here. Let’s take a look at 8 cool off the beaten path destinations in Scandinavia that will really give you a taste of what Europe is all about.

Scandinavia off the beaten track

The Tromso Countryside

Have you been to Europe but you somehow missed the northern lights?

 If so, one of the best places to catch them is in Tromso while you are exploring the magnificent countryside. 

You get plenty of stargazing at night, and you can spend your days chilling out with dozens of huskies and husky puppies at one of the sanctuaries. Other popular activities here include arctic whale safaris and midnight kayaking.

The Waterways of Stockholm

Stockholm has 57 bridges and 14 islands that are all worthy visits for any tourist. If you really want to take in full spectrum of the landscape, take on the whole lot of them with a paddle to work. 

You will need all afternoon to soak in the architectural wonders you will see and the various scenery you will enjoy. 

This is without a doubt one of the most atmospheric destinations that Scandinavia has to offer.

Scandinavia off the beaten track

The Hot Dog Stand by the Copenhagen Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen is actually one of the most famous tourist attractions in the area. 

What you may hear less about is the wonderful Denmark hotdog stand that is by the statue. This is only for people who are truly in the know – this is the best polsevogn that you will ever taste in your life. 

Take in the rest of the area by bike for best results, because there is plenty to see if the statue is attracting too much foot traffic. If you find yourself waiting, play a game or two on the Casumo mobile casino until things quieten down. 

The Fjords of Oslo

If you are coming to Oslo, then you will definitely take advantage of its culinary and architectural masterpieces. 

However, you should consider going into the more natural and untamed parts of Olso, namely the fjords along the Norweigan coastline, which can rival any other fjords in the world!.

The location gives you a unique perspective on the beauty of these natural sites. The best route is the scenic one that takes you by the rustic summer houses in the rural villages that pepper the area.

The Swedish Archipelago

There is a special tour of the archipelago in Stockholm that will bring you to the more rustic areas of Sweden and give you some great food besides. 

You can board a vintage ship and explore all of the natural sites with one of the expert tour guides that are in the area.

Scandinavia off the beaten track

Arctic Fishing

Have you ever taken on the Arctic wildlife with a local fisherman looking to hunt down his daily bread? 

Give yourself the opportunity with this real-life experience. While you are catching a few fish, regale yourself in the tales of their pirate friends. 

You can even eat your fish on the Queen Maud, the Fjord Queen or the Polar Queen – three awesome boats that you have your pick of. 

Once you have a fresh fish straight from the ocean, you might never go back to the frozen stuff.

Scandinavia off the beaten track

The Hidden Islands of Stockholm

The archipelago of Stockholm has nearly 30,000 total islands. Only 200 of these are populated, but the others hide a wealth of treasures to view and explore. 

Take yourself off of the beaten path with a route through some of the smaller islands like Kastellholmen and Skeppsholmen. 

You can discover a personal spot all to yourself to spend your vacation. You can also pass through the Old Town of Stockholm after you take in the more seasoned tourist attractions such as the Opera, the Parliament building, the Royal Theatre and the Royal Castle.

Scandinavia off the beaten track

A Northern Cruise

Animal lovers will absolutely love this cruise of the Arctic Circle that moves along the northernmost parts of Norway. 

You can learn about the unique wildlife of the region as well as the culinary arts of the location. You will see reindeer, dolphins and whales, and maybe more!

These are only a few of the majestic and beautiful sites of Scandinavia. Take your time in this part of the world, and it will reward you with memories for life.

Richard Collett