Here are 10 Unusual Things To Do In Cambodia!

Cambodia is a country with a rich history, located next to Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, with a colourful culture and fantastic sights to see. 

You might have heard and you might have known all that. But even then there is so much about a country you can never know unless you actually go there. Maybe you are teaching English there, or maybe you are just visiting.

Either way, these are some things you might not know about! Here are the exciting and unusual things to do in Cambodia.

Breathtaking Angkor Wat Khmer temple complex

It was known as heaven on Earth. Angkor Wat is a representation of God’s heavenly realm on Earth.

Ancient Khmerian kings built the temple to honour their gods. The structure itself is sublime in the way it merges artistry with spiritualism.

Unusual Things To Do In Cambodia

Photo From Flickr, Credit: Marina and Enrique

Cambodian Khmer performance dance, the Apsara Show

The Apsara Show is one of the most unique and mesmerizing dance performance you might ever see. As the name suggests, it originates from ancient Khmerian courts.

It developed into the modern form that we see today through the ages. The colourful attires and movements depict a beautiful narrative and a performance will be a highlight of your Cambodia Tour

The amazing Pangolin rehabilitation centre

The little pangolins is one of the most unique animals on Earth. They are the only known living mammal that has keratin scales. These anteaters live in tree and Pangolins have a long sticky tongue they use to eat insects.

The small creatures are protected by Cambodian law thanks to them unfortunately being hunted. The black market offers a lot of money for their meat, and also for their scales, as in some countries, grounded up pangolin scales are used as aphrodisiacs.

Unusual Things To Do In Cambodia

Photo From Flickr, Credit: Wildlife Alliance

The monumental Prasat Preah Vihear

Located on the border with Thailand the Prasat Preah Vihear is one of the most memorable temple cities in all Cambodia. Built on a clifftop, the temple complex overlooks Cambodian lowlands below. The elevation gives it an outer worldly feel.

For many generations, it was a prime destination for pilgrims. Prasat Preah Vihear is dedicated to Hindu deity Shiva. 

Jungle Homestay

This might just be one of the most unusual experiences you might ever have. spending a few days in Chambok, Deep in the jungles of Cambodia.

Do not be discouraged by the isolated location. Trust your driver that you will get there safe. It may not seem like it at first, though. The journey there is long and the accommodation is scarce. You will be sleeping on a communal bed and you might also experience many mosquito bites, but the jungle experience will be unreal.

The bamboo trains

In the mountainous regions of Cambodia people and goods are transported by the bamboo trains, also called noory. In those regions, there is little options for other means of transportation. As the undeveloped countryside has seen little work done for its infrastructure.

At the moment it is a dying industry. Considering the reemergence of interest in trains in entire East Asia. They will still be interesting for the tourists. Try not to miss them, while they are still there.

Mind bending mesmerizing Bayon

The most striking temple in Cambodia. Dedicated to the Jayavarman VII. The most revered and celebrated Khmerian Kings. Also the king with the largest ego. He ordered the construction of the temple that depicts plenty of carvings of himself.

The carvings and statues depict his battles. Some depict his daily life and hordes of concubines. Despite this, the temple complex is still one of the most breathtaking structures you will ever see.

Cruising along the Mekong

Cruising in the traditional Cambodian boats is one of the greatest recommendations for things to do. The boats have a unique look not found anywhere else.

The highlight of the cruise are the Irrawaddy river dolphins. They are one of the rarest aquatic mammals. Irrawaddy dolphins can only be found here.

Ta Prohm – where nature meets architecture

From the outset, it may look like another Cambodian temple complex. Until you take a closer look. Then the true amazement of Ta Prohm comes to light.

After centuries of neglect, the temple changed. It was overtaken by nature. The whole complex looks like a battle of nature versus man. Carved stones struggling to hold the strong roots together.

Unique Cambodian dishes

After all the traveling and sightseeing you might consider something to eat. If you are interested in Khmer BBQ you should try Damnak Meas. A  restaurant that offers an interesting menu. Some of the meals may be a bit too much, for most people. Such as male organs of an ox.  

Cambodia holds many exciting secrets. Especially for those daring and willing to explore!