Incredible Drone Pictures From Coron!

Is this Place For Real?!?!

That’s what I’ve been keep asking myself over and over again for the last two weeks as I’ve been exploring the beautiful islands of Coron as part of the Travel Continuously Summit.

Updates on the blog this week have been sparse, as I’ve been busy organising and teaching the new blogging recruits learning the business with me and other awesome content creators in Coron.

This is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and we have been exploring as many beaches, lagoons, lakes and islands as we can, travelling far out into the most remote places as well as visiting all the closer places to Coron Town where we have been based at the Funny Lion Hotel all week.

And of course, I always take my drone with me.

This is the most perfect of places to fly drones – except for the odd time the signal cuts out because of the high limestone rocks! – and the pictures are absolutely incredible.

Coron really is a spectacular place to travel to.

There are hundreds of small hidden beaches, lagoons, lakes and beaches spread across miles and miles of calm ocean.

Small boats ferry locals and tourists from island to island, people live far out in this archipelago as they have done for centuries, and every day tourists find another reason to return to this colourful part of the Philippines.

After the Travel Continuously Summit ends here in Coron I’ll be off to a new part of the Philippines, a place where few Western tourists dare to venture.

It will be a new adventure, on a new island, so keep checking back for more up dates from my next destination, to be announced soon, and of course more content from Coron and the Summit itself.

I will leave you today with some more drone pictures from Coron!

It really is a beautiful place, and these aerial pictures only touch the surface of the awesomeness of these islands.

Is This Place For Real??!?!

Coron Drone Pictures Coron Drone Pictures Coron Drone Pictures Coron Drone Pictures Coron Drone Pictures Coron Drone Pictures Coron Drone Pictures Coron Drone Pictures Coron Drone Pictures Coron Drone Pictures


All Words and Photos by Richard Collett

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