A Desert Glamping Experience In Morocco

Today’s guest post is by traveller Christiane who takes us into the deserts of Morocco on an off the beaten track glamping experience far out in the sands and dunes of North Africa.

Morocco is one of the most enchanting countries in Africa.

Apart from the city and beach experience, it is an African gateway to the Sahara. The horizons are breath taking and a trip to the Sahara is a mind blowing journey into the desert. This African land can really take away your heart beat for a moment. If you are travelling around with a family or planning a journey with your crazy group of highly adventurous friends, this desert is for you.

Usually though, your average tourist to Morocco doesn’t necessarily like camping in a desert, they just book a camel ride or enjoy the sunset but never stay there to observe the trends of Desert over a longer time.

Sometimes all you want is peace and tranquillity. The desert is an admirable place to enjoy the golden sands and to find that peaceful place.

Glamping Vs Camping

There is a difference between Glamping and Camping.

Camping is all about getting away from luxury and experiencing the nature at its full whereas Glamping is about being in nature but not smelling like it! So, camping is a complete outdoor activity while Glamping is keeping your comfort in the outdoors.

It’s luxury camping!

Life in the Desert

When you choose to go glamping in the desert for a day or two, it’s a chance for many new experiences. It is always a pleasure to be heard out by someone who is really interested in your story and the people of the desert share the same emotions, they love to know about our lives and we like to dwell on theirs.

So, it is always a perfect combination  for tourists to visit the desert. You can try many different adventurous activities, just keep your head and face covered with a scarf. It is not because of their Islamic tradition but to stay safe from the heat stroke.  

On the other hand, at night the Desert is a place to enjoy the coldness of the night while gazing at the beautiful stars.

Glamping in the Desert of Morocco

Desert Camps are usually located in places that you can only reach by camel or by four wheel drive vehicle. You can choose any means of travelling according to your level of experience, although the most exciting route is always by camel.

Glamping is a great experience, but especially so for those travelling with their families. However, Glamping lets you plan a comfortable yet an adventurous journey for your Morocco Family Holidays.

Your kids can enjoy the sand dunes, let them play around, go trekking, and you can sit back and relax with wine or mint tea while the sun sets.

Evening in the Desert while enjoying the luxurious tents

So, the hot desert day ends with a beautiful sunset. People in the desert can notice the pattern of stars or just admire the view of the sky from the sands they stand on. Evenings and nights are comparatively cold in the desert but this is the charm of it.

If you spend a whole day and a whole night at the very least, then you get to enjoy the desert at its best. After enjoying a delicious dinner after the sun sets then you can enjoy some traditional Arabian music with other travellers in the sands.

The desert sky at night too is stunningly beautiful, and it simply adds to the real experience of Glamping in the dunes.

The land of Morocco is a charming place, and one that will keep you coming back time after time to enjoy the desert for longer. 

Christiane Teixeira 

Christiane Teixeira is from Ontario, USA. She looks
 for challenging tours anywhere around the world. She’s a passionate blogger who loves to travel and started travelling back in 2013 after quitting her overburdened day job. Though she has been to many countries from Europe, Africa, and Asia there is still so much to explore. Her travel ideas are someone elses’ guide to a particular place.