Today’s guest post from adventure traveller Leandra gives us a breakdown of why a Safari in Africa could be the best choice for your next getaway in 2019!

When you are considering your next travel plans, why not consider a safari getaway where you can meander through natural surroundings, nature and beautiful scenic areas all around you?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a Safari getaway in 2019!

1. Enjoy the Tranquillity of Nature

In fact, a safari getaway could possibly even more relaxing than those island vacations, and you’re sure to make just as many extraordinary memories. Nature is a natural remedy and on Safari you can enjoy the tranquility of nature at its finest.

In Africa, you’ll have the opportunity to experience nature in ways that very few people have, and once you’ve felt the tranquillity that Africa oozes, you’ll be coming back for more. Being out in the vast grasslands takes you away from the hustle and bustle of life where you can just enjoy the moment.

2. Encounter the world’s most coveted wildlife species in their natural habitat

Africa has many wildlife safari destinations where you can live amongst some of the world’s most coveted species. Africa is known to still have open areas where you can enjoy wildlife in their natural habitat and get close and personal to them and nature – this is an experience and encounter true to Africa.

Remember, however, wildlife is just that, they’re wild and should, therefore, be treated with respect as we are entering their territory every time we embark on a safari tour.

It’s always best to be accompanied by a well-trained, knowledgeable guide, not just for safety, but to learn more about these majestic creatures and awe-inspiring landscapes.

3. Experience ultimate luxury at premium safari lodges

Africa has too many beautiful safari lodges to mention, however, South Africa is fast becoming a favourite for safari tours as they’re a lot more affordable than other African destinations, and offer the same (or better) service, amenities and sightings.

There are luxury safari game lodges in the Karoo – an incredible destination that you should certainly consider visiting. Luxury lodges in South Africa are known to offer unforgettable experiences complete with all the comforts you’d expect from five-star accommodation but relaxed enough to feel like you’re one with your surroundings.

Visiting Africa for a safari getaway is unlike any getaway you could ever imagine embarking on. From the exquisite lodges and inspiring game drives, to the safari attire you’ll be practically living in for duration of your stay; the extraordinary activities and excursions and the relationships you build with your guide and fellow safari enthusiasts – it can only be described as a beautiful journey.

4. Enjoy once in a lifetime activities and excursions

Choosing to holiday in Africa means unlocking a world of thrilling activities and excursions that you may not get to do anywhere else!

Here are a few to consider: hot air ballooning in the Masai Mara, or through the remote areas of Namibia, walking safaris in the Karoo, white water rafting in the Zambezi in Zambia or Zimbabwe, bungee jumping in the Garden Route or the Victoria Falls, or thrilling game drives from morning till eve.  

5. Learn more about the fascinating cultures and traditions home to Africa alone

Africa is rich in culture and is known for its ethnological diversity, each region having their own traditions, whether it be food or ancestral heritage, dress etc.

This makes Africa beautiful and colourful in all kinds of ways. Africa is a beautiful, blessed continent with fascinating people; where creative expression is appreciated and accepted. Our cultural diversities are expressed in so many ways, from traditional dress to the food that we eat.

For example, South Africa is known for their braai and is welcomed across cultures, while the traditional samp and beans is a staple diet in various African cultures. The Indian curries to the Afrikaans stews, the Malay boboties to vetkoek and samosas, you can’t go wrong with the tastes of Africa.

Leandra Slabbert

Leandra is a freelance writer and avid traveller. Her thirst for adventure usually takes her through roads less travelled; where she believes the greatest treasures are found. Leandra’s favourite places are the deserts of Chile, the African wilderness and the remote islands of Greece. When she’s not jet setting around the globe, she is documenting her travels and fascinating experiences with the hope of inspiring others to spread their wings and explore ‘off the beaten track’.