Do you prefer travelling solo or in a group? If you’re a lone wolf then keep reading, as we explain how to keep yourself entertained when you’re solo on the road!

By Richard Collett

“I think one travels more usefully when they travel alone, because they reflect more.”

Thomas Jefferson

Whether you’re visiting London or Lhasa, Bali or Bangalore, travelling is an exciting way to broaden your perspective and understand the world around you.

Take it from me: travel the world and you’ll end your journey with a sense of things much greater than what you might normally see in your everyday life.

And while you can enjoy great journeys with friends and fellow travellers, sometimes, the greatest revelations happen when you’re on the road, travelling solo.

There’s no right answer to the age-old question of travelling solo or in a group. It’s all subjective, but one thing is certain: when you’re travelling alone, you don’t have the company of others to help pass the time, so it’s worth gathering some intel on what else you can do to occupy yourself.

When you imagine the trip and start planning your itinerary, don’t get carried away. You’re going to want some downtime, and you’re going to want to fill that time. Long bus journeys, ferries, train journeys or flights, too, you’re going to appreciate these top tips for staying occupied when you’re next travelling solo!

It’s easy to think that every moment will be packed with excitement, but in reality, there will likely be plenty of extra time for you to fill with interesting activities.

Game Away

Thanks to modern technology, you can travel light and still be incredibly well-equipped for a variety of situations at the same time. Your smartphone is a multi-purpose tool that holds an incredible amount of utility, and perhaps chief among these is its ability to access a wide array of games. 

Even if you’ve thought up to this point that games aren’t your thing, the sheer amount of choice that you have means that you’re likely to find something that speaks to you personally, especially if it’s in the form of puzzles to pass the time or a fast payout casino

Alternatively, you might be a more experienced gamer, in which case finding ports of classic titles available on your phone might be a pleasant surprise that keeps boredom at bay. 

Getting Lost in the Pages

One of the most timeless examples of an ideal travelling companion is a simple book. Depending on how long you’re going away and how fast of a reader you are, you might feel compelled to pack more than one, but this could quickly have you running into problems regarding available space. In any case, reading is something that takes your eyes away from the screen, and can help you to relax and enjoy the mental health benefits that come with it. 

Reading can also be something that encourages you to explore your new surroundings in an effort to find an ideal reading spot. Quiet moments of solitude and picturesque locations provide you with an opportune time to pick up where you left off.

Top tip: If you’re packing light, then pack a Kindle instead of hard copies of your favourite books!

Learning the Language

If you’re traveling somewhere where the spoken language is different from your own, your downtime provides you with an opportunity to prepare linguistically for your next adventure.

Thanks to advanced linguistic technology, there are myriads of language learning apps at your disposal, and while you might not find that this downtime is enough to master the language fully, getting to grips with a few key phrases can make navigating and communicating a much more realistic prospect.

You may also find that the people who live wherever you travel might appreciate your attempts at immersing yourself in a different culture instead of expecting everyone to simply speak the same language as you. Plus, getting friendly with the locals might be an experience that only enhances your trip.

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