Canada is a vast and beautiful country, a place that’s full of natural wonders and national parks!

While there some fantastic cities, it’s the mountains, the lakes, and the wildlife that are the real reasons to visit this North American nation! All of these make it a great place for exploration, and it’s the national parks that offer a wealth of mountain scenery and outdoor adventures.

There are all kinds of opportunities for travelers in Canada – from hiking and mountaineering to swimming, fishing, cycling and boating. Outdoor lovers and adventurers should put Canada’s national park top of the list, and explore all of its rugged beauty. 

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Travelling to Canada’s National Parks

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Now, let’s get to the national parks!

Canada’s Top National Parks  

Prince Edward Island National Park

Located on Prince Edward Island, this national park is right on the Atlantic Ocean in the east of Canada. Lovely red cliffs are scattered along the coast, from where you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean. 

There are also numerous coastal trails to go hiking and wandering in nature. Besides hiking, there are also great places for sunbathing, swimming, or camping.

Within the park, there are several museums, cultural and historic landmarks to visit and learn more about the park. The Green Gables Heritage Place and the Covehead Harbour Lighthouse are just a few of the very popular and attractive spots worth visiting. 

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is located right on the border of Canada and the United States. The Canadian part of the park is called Waterton Lakes National Park, while the American side is named US Glacier National Park. This park has a spectacular array of natural beauties and breath-taking spots.

One of the main attractions is the Red Rock Canyon, which has a very unique landscape that’s almost desert-like. Here you will get the feeling that you are somewhere otherworldly.

The Buffalo Paddock is another nice point of interest to check, where you can admire large buffalo herds wandering in their natural habitat. Strong and beautiful Blakiston Falls and the calm and relaxing waters of Cameron Lake are a couple of other great spots to visit in Waterton Lakes National Park, too. The list goes on, and on!

Jasper National Park

The incredibly huge Jasper National Park is located in the middle of the high-altitude Alberta Rocky Mountains. This park offers outdoor attractions for hikers, skiers, road trippers, and anyone else with a love of mountains!  

There are numerous trails to follow, mountains to climb, as well as wonderful glaciers to take in. It’s a great park for active travellers with adventurous spirits because the number of outdoor activities you can take part in is unlimited.

Camping, fishing, wildlife spotting, hiking, rock-climbing, and horseback riding are only a few of the many other great things to do. Medicine Lake and Athabasca Falls are a couple of popular spots to visit in this park. 

If you’re looking for an adventurous holiday and outdoor experiences, make sure you visit Canada’s best national parks!