East Coast USA is a place that’s packed with history and waiting to be explored. From the bustling metropolis of New York to the political refinery of Washington DC, there are thousands of miles of coastline just being to be travelled.

The best way to explore? Road trip. There’s no other way to visit East Coast America. Whether it’s in a classic car or a budget rental, this pure road tripping country.

On the way, get to know the East Coast’s history and culture, by visiting the most prominent cities and destinations. Keep reading, and find out the best places to visit on the East Coast of the USA!

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Top travel tip: Regardless of which part of the United States will you decide on visiting, it’s crucial to have an appropriate entry permit to get there. Make sure to apply at least 3 business days in advance of your travel for the ESTA permit here https://applyforesta.com/.

Once your ESTA is sorted, take a look at the best attractions in the most prominent US East coast cities before taking off for your trip!

#1 New York City

The list has to open with New York, simply because it is a must city to visit for anyone who’s never set foot in the US before. 

The most populous city in the states, this is a place of sheer diversity!

The best attractions to see here include:

  • The Empire State Building (up to 1970 held the title of the highest building in the country; however, it still is very imposing!) is an ArtDeco construction with an observation deck and an indoor observatory.
  • The Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension bridge that opened over a hundred years ago, and is nearly 2km in length. The towers of the bridge make it almost as high as 90 meters.
  • Central Park: the biggest natural attraction one can find in New York City. Nearly 40 million tourists visit this site annually (pre-covid!)! You can not only enjoy the natural surroundings and the oustanding cityscape, but also check out the Central Parks’ zoo, reservoirs, meadows, an open-air theatre, a carousel, and ice skating rink in winter!

#2 Washington DC

Not visiting the capital of the US while exploring the East coast of the country would be a complete sin, so make sure Washington DC is up on your list.

As well as the White House, Capitol Hill, the Lincoln Memorial, there’s so much to see, including these fantastic attractions:

  • The United States Holocaust Museum
  • The US Botanic Garden (first opened in 1820, making it the oldest botanic garden in the country).
  • The Theodore Roosevelt Island (which serves as a national park and a memorial for the 26th president of the US).
  • Georgetown (A historical DC district where you can cozy cafes and culture!).
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#3 Florida

You might well have had enough of all these metropolitan surroundings by now, so try ending your road trip in sunny Florida! The state is a classic stop; it’s rich in wildlife, national parks, and history (as well as plenty of amusement parks, too).

Here are the best reasons to be visiting this part of the East Coast:

  • Nature: from national parks through to all those reserves and memorials, Florida offers numerous natural attractions to explore. Visit the Everglades National Park to spot some crocodiles and a Florida panther!
  • Amusement: Walt Disney World, Sea World, the Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios – the list goes on and on and on.
  • Impressive buildings and museums: the Biltmore Hotel, the Dali Museum, the Miami skyline; just a few examples of some of the most imposing buildings in the area.
  • Beaches: Florida offers not only the iconic Miami Beach to see (or relax on) but also Clearwater Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Cocoa Beach, and so much more! 
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Final thoughts on the East Coast!

Taking a road trip across the East coast of the United States is an unforgettable experience! 

Start by visiting iconic New York City and its staple landmarks; go through Washington, D.C. US capital, and lastly, after all of the historical and cultural knowledge acquired, relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida.