So What Is Travel Tramp All About?

Go Where You Fear To Tread.

Travel Tramp

I’m Richard Collett, The Travel Tramp, and I want to inspire you to travel off the beaten track!

Travel Tramp

I’m an adventure traveller who can’t stop getting off the beaten track. I write travel blogs with a dash of journalism and take photographs along the way.

I love going to countries that don’t even exist and places that tourists don’t visit. I want to show you that there are destinations that can still be discovered and incredible journeys that haven’t yet been made!

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Hasankeyf Turkey

So What Is Travel Tramp All About?

I’m aiming to see as much of the world as possible, and as many interesting and unusual sights as possible too. That’s why I get off the beaten track. I visit abandoned places, countries which don’t exist and places which have yet to be defined as tourist hotspots.

I’m not aiming to inspire people to quit their jobs and travel, although if you do, then good for you. I believe that everyone should try this at least once in their life if they can, and it’s what I’m doing right now!

I’m hoping to inspire you to realise that there are many more interesting places left to be discovered in the world. There are countries that have barely been visited yet, and countries that don’t even exist! Many of these untouched and off the beaten track places, are such because they have an element of darkness about them. They are hard to reach or have suffered from regional conflicts and politics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a tourist there!

It’s not your usual travel blog material. But it’s definitely interesting.

So What Else Can I Find At Travel Tramp?

Abandoned Places

Among the darkness is the thrill of urban exploration. I love exploring old and abandoned buildings. It scares the hell out of me. But it’s worth it for the excitement and the romantic decay.

You can find everything from abandoned hospitals in Turkish Kurdistan to decaying theme parks in Bali on this website! And I’ll show you how you can explore them too. If you dare…

Abandoned Hospital Lake Van

Losing my cool inside an abandoned hospital…

Travel Off The Beaten Track

I try to get off the beaten track as much as possible. I want to show you that there are great places left to discover. Places that are untouched, authentic and downright interesting to explore. These places can be hard to get to, but I want to show that it’s possible and more importantly, that it’s worth it.

Who is the Travel Tramp

One of the most pristine beaches I’ve ever set foot on, in the wild of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Dark Travel

Dark Tourism is defined as tourism involving travel to places that are historically associated with death or tragedy.

I know, it sounds very dark.

I discovered I was a dark tourist by accident. I realised that a lot of the places I visit and write about on this blog have a dark element to them. Not always. But more often than not. I’ve visited the radioactive wasteland of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, breakaway territories and unrecognised republics, and more Soviet relics than I even thought existed.

The Countries Which Don’t Exist

I’ve made it a habit recently of travelling to countries which don’t exist. These are unrecognised, breakaway territories. I’ve been to Kosovo, Transnistria and Abkhazia to name but a few. These places are difficult to travel to, politically charged and in terms of conventional tourism, completely untouched. As a result of their intriguing situations, there’s a lot of dark tourism opportunities to be found.

Who is the Travel Tramp

I’m crossing the border from Abkhazia to Georgia!

Photos From The Road

I update this website regularly with photographs from around the world. From capital cities, to breakaway republics. There’s photos from all walks of life and places well off the beaten track. You can peruse at your leisure.

Survival Guides

The Survival Guides are an attempt by me, as a travel writer, to be useful. I want to inspire others to go where they fear to tread, and to visit strange and unusual destinations. That’s why I’m putting together particular guides for the trickier places to travel to. These will help you to really start to explore off the beaten track.

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