Survival Guides

Survival Guides

I’m setting out the raw and brutal basics that guidebooks ignore.

The Travel Tramp Survival Guides cover the essential experiences that make travel incredible.

This series is for you: The disheartened, downtrodden traveller looking to get just a bit further away from the well trodden track, to escape the endless hordes of nauseating tour groups that swamp the modern day tourist trail and to beat the crowds to somewhere new.

This is for the traveller who would rather shoot guns in Budapest, for the madman who spends the day in search of a nuclear bunker in Prague or the holiday maker who wants a relaxing vacation in a breakaway territory.

These Survival Guides will give you the skills, resources and confidence to accomplish absolutely anything (that I’ve written a guide about).

Click on the pictures below for highly inadequate and generally vague advice on the most important events in travel history.

Don’t leave home without these- the ultimate Survival Guides.

Crazy Shit To Do In...

What is this?!

I will be bringing you the most obscure, the most inane, sometimes the most outrageous and down right ridiculous sights and activities from cities around the world. Quite simply, I will be bringing you crazy sh*t to do from across the planet we all call home.

But this isn’t about harassing you with words until you stop visiting the Eiffel Tower, or cross The Empire State Building off your itinerary. No. Many of the best sights to see in cities around the world are going to be the most popular. They are Number 1 for a reason- usually. Visit all of these places. But then visit a few of the more obscure, or perhaps the harder to reach and less explored places. Be rewarded for your intrepidness. Or perhaps find somewhere not worth going to at all. After all, isn‘t that what travel is about?

As I travel around the world, travelling from London to Lhasa, in this new series I will be compiling a different sort of list. You can use it to have a different time in a popular destination, or to find a new destination to visit altogether and then do some weird stuff there. You won’t find the standard tourist attractions here- go to Lonely Planet if you need that- but you will find something new, or somewhere you never even realised existed.

As much as I try and as far as I travel, there’s only a finite number of cities and places I can visit on my own. That’s why if you know some great place that’s worth a trip to then I want to hear from you!

You can find my details HERE, or simply comment below and I’ll be in touch. Submissions and ideas are more than welcome. This is after all, for you, the traveller.

Richard Collett Nov 2015