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I want to inspire you to travel off the beaten track!

Travel Blogging With A Dash Of Journalism.

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Richard Collett / Editor And Founder

Meet The Travel Tramp

I’m Richard Collett, The Travel Tramp and I want to inspire you to travel off the beaten track!

I’m an adventure traveller who can’t stop getting off the beaten track. I write travel blogs with a dash of journalism and take photographs along the way.

I love going to countries that don’t even exist and places that tourists don’t visit. I want to show you that there are destinations that can still be discovered and incredible journeys that haven’t yet been made!

Travel Tramp
Travel Tramp

Travel Tramp
Travel Tramp

Travel To Strange And Unusual Places.

Off The Beaten Track Travel

I just can’t stop travelling to strange and unusual places.

I’ve visited the radioactive wasteland of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, breakaway territories and unrecognised republics, and more Soviet relics than I even thought existed. 

I want to inspire you to travel off the beaten track too!

From The Historic To The Urban.

Abandoned Places

I visit abandoned places. Historic places. Urban Places.

From derelict hospitals in Kurdistan to the radioactive and decaying ruins of Chernobyl, I document all of of my abandoned exploits right here at Travel Tramp.

World Photography.

Photos From The Road

From the haunting, to the beautiful.

Here are the best photos from my travels around the world!

Survival Guides


These Survival Guides are for anyone looking to get off the beaten track! And I mean REALLY off the beaten track.

This is for the traveller who wants to shoot guns in Budapest, for the madman who spends the day in search of a nuclear bunker in Prague and for the foolish few who dream of travelling to countries like North Korea.

I want to inspire you to travel off the beaten track, and I want to show you how to do it too!